RACC Now Recruiting for Machine Tool Technology Program

RACC is launching a recruiting campaign to increase the number of trained machinists in the Greater Reading area.  As a training provider we can certainly attest to the growing demand for skilled machinists.  What concerns us is the supply side of the equation.  We struggle to find enough motivated students with the academic background to successfully earn a credential and satisfy our local demand.  We need your help; working as partners we may be able to quickly close this gap.  Please consider taking the following actions:

Machine_Tool_Technology Flyer 

  1. Print and post copies of the flyer where your employees can see them.  Nothing sells like word of mouth from a trusted source.  Sons, daughters, nephews, nieces and neighbors of skilled, successful and satisfied machinists provide RACC with a highly prized talent pool.  (We are posting these around campus as well – outside our Math and Physics classrooms J.


  1. Review the attached Course Spreadsheet and give us valuable feedback on what training levels map to your new hire criteria.  Please suggest training topics we do not currently offer.
  2. Give us a call, send us an email, or schedule a visit to the Schmidt Training and Technology Center to talk to our instructors and give us valuable feedback on our equipment choices and curriculum.
  3. Finally, once we have successfully recruited students (with your help),  consider us as a primary source for well-trained interns and new-hires.

Please contact Judy Vecchio (jvecchio@racc.edu or 610 372 4721 ext.5716) our Career Coach to set up an appointment for potential students.

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