RACC’s Supervisor Series

Increase productivity, improve employee retention, reduce staff turnover.

These eight workshops are power-packed with information and skill building tools.

Workshop #1  [ZBUS – 390]
Transition from Staff to Supervisor & Leadership
How to produce a winning “game plan,” coaching a diverse workforce, filling your communication toolbox with new skills, techniques from today’s best coaches, creating
a positive workplace, how to replace “criticism” with constructive feedback, learning the difference between a “problem” and an irritation.

Workshop #2  [ZBUS – 395]
Getting It All Done: How to Manage Your Time & Multiple Projects
Clarify objectives and plan for results, set up group goals and priorities, how to have more time for yourself and your family, eliminate the time-wasters in your life, how to say “no,” how to use technology to achieve results, respond rather than react, reduce the stress in your life.

Workshop #3  [ZBUS – 400]
How to Hire, Train, Coach & Retain Millennials
Understanding the “why” of Millennials, techniques on how to successfully recruit this generation, a four-step coaching model to help them grow within the organization, putting together a successful training program that will fit their needs, what can we as an organization learn from this generation.

Workshop #4  [ZBUS – 391]
Communication Skills & Understanding Different Personalities
Communicating in today’s new work environment, ensure the message you send carries the impact you want, developing productive communication skills in teams, identifying your personality style, how to communicate to different personality styles, become more assertive without being aggressive.

Workshop #5  [ZBUS – 399]
Conducting Performance Appraisals & Evaluations
Learn how to put together an Evaluation & Appraisal meeting, how to measure exceeds, meets and needs improvement, being able to tie your appraisal into organization goals, how to use the appraisal process daily, how to deal with the unexpected behaviors, being
comfortable and confident in this process.

Workshop #6   [ZBUS – 393]
Understanding & Supervising Different Generations
Understanding different generations; Old School, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, or Gen Y. Techniques on creating a more productive workplace. How to cope and communicate effectively with each generation.

Workshop #7 ZBUS – 392
Conflict Management & Dealing with Difficult Behaviors
Understand the thinking and behaviors that lead to conflict, identify new ways to communication in a conflict situation, establish a new process for conflict resolution,
steps on how to deal with that angry person, techniques on how to manage different types of difficult people, stress management techniques.

Workshop #8 ZBUS – 394
Creating Mindfulness & Self-Motivation in the Workplace
The two types of motivation, set up your wants and goals, how to cope with the daily stresses at work and home, ten techniques on developing a positive work environment,
how to focus on the things that you can control, how to stop the “should” of self-talk, dealing with negative people.

Our Workforce Development Team delivers custom training solutions that meet your needs. Contact Allison Creveling (610.607.6208, acreveling@racc.edu) or Mike Salute (msalute@racc.edu) for details.

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