Announcing the ApprenticeshipUSA Toolkit

Maher & Maher has announced the ApprenticeshipUSA Toolkit, designed for the Department of Labor to benefit workforce agencies and their partners throughout the country. This toolkit provides resources to help the public workforce system use apprenticeship as a talent development strategy. It is an action-oriented solution that uses customized technical assistance to meet the challenges of public workforce systems.

The Toolkit has been designed to help workforce development professionals at every level of the workforce system. For example, the toolkit includes:

  • Web-based training as an introduction to apprenticeship training within the workforce system
  • Roadmaps for exploring apprenticeship, building partnerships, and launching apprenticeship strategies
  • Videos for those designing strategy to highlight best practices
  • Tutorials and resources to jump start an apprenticeship strategy
  • Desk aids for those serving  customers
  • A guide for Business Service Representatives to expand work-based training options for businesses and job seekers

Please contact Mike Salute ( to learn more about how RACC can support your company’s efforts to establish an effective Apprenticeship program.

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