Positive WEDnet funding news!

Good News WEDnet participants:

The WEDnetPA Executive Committee met on July 19th.  The bullets below summarize changes made to the 2018.19 Guidelines & they are effective immediately.

Changes in effect starting July 1, 2018:

  • Advanced Technology (AT) training is being redefined as Technical Skills (TS) training.  As a result of this change, topics such as GD&T, Root Cause Analysis, hydraulics, industrial electricity, blueprint and schematic reading, scientific topics, advanced math, etc., will be considered eligible under TS and subject to the $850-per-employee cap.
  • Current guidelines do not allow reimbursement for training that is not specific to the employee’s current job skills.  This guideline will be changed to allow supervisory and leadership training when it is part of an employee’s logical career path.
  • The restriction for “re-certification” and “refresher” training will be removed. However, safety training is still only eligible for a limited number of “competent people” empowered to make change.  Final determination on eligibility is at the discretion of the SWO director.

****Please note:  Unless you have received a communication/email from me directly regarding this issue, you do not need to do anything additional to your current applications.  However, if you have training that is now deemed as “eligible”, you may enter it on the training plan at any time.

Thanks much!!

Allison Creveling
Coordinator of Grants & Custom Training
Reading Area Community College

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