Millenniology Workshop in October – Build your strategy to win the war for talent

We have invited Steve Van Valin to deliver a repeat of his high-impact Millenniology Workshop based on the positive reviews from participants at his August session.

ZBUS 422 1218 – Millenniology Workshop

Thursday, October 18, 2018 from 8am – 4pm

Cost:  $495 / person (includes lunch, refreshments and course materials)
At the Schmidt Training and Technology Center – RACC Campus, Room T119

This workshop focuses on actions you can take to ATTRACT, ENGAGE and RETAIN Millennial talent. Build a talent blueprint for your culture to attract and retain your high-impact employees.  Create a strategic advantage by engaging them to perform in ways that crush your competition. 

Millennials are reinventing the rules of business. What makes them want to work for you?  Are you ready to fully activate their advantage, or will you be left behind? 


  • Create your Culture NarrativeTM to communicate compelling expectations
  • Leverage your EVP (Employee Value Proposition) and USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Learn how to interview for culture fit and total team involvement in the recruiting process


  • Leverage learning and development (the #1 millennial must-have) to increase performance
  • Increase communication velocity and frequency with two proven tactical techniques
  • Tap creativity, energy, and inclusion with rapid collaboration practices
  • Enhance front-line leadership practices (where culture is won or lost)


  • Build a coaching-rich environment and implement a mentoring and reverse mentoring strategy
  • Create stretch goals, pairing strategy, and special team assignments
  • Reward and recognize with a strategy and tactics that match your EVP
  • Learn how to conduct highly effective “stay-interviews”

In our partnership with Nimble Leader, Steve Van Valin, CEO of Culturology, and former head of culture at QVC will lead this workshop and present his perspectives on attracting, engaging and retaining top millennial talent.  Steve has over 25 years of experience developing winning culture and innovation strategy.  He is a talented keynote speaker who sparks insights and inspires action.

To learn more about Steve’s work explore the following links:,

Click here for Workshop PDF.

Registration Information – Call 610.607.6235 or 610.607.6231 to register with credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover)

Course:  ZBUS 422 1218  Millenniology Workshop

Cost:  $495  / person (includes lunch, refreshments and course materials)

Click here to register on-line and pay with a credit card. Then follow instructions below.

  1. Select the “Register and Pay for Community Education Classes”
  2. Select the drop-down box next to “Topic Code” (towards the bottom of the page) and select Business and click “Submit”.
  3. Click the box next to ZBUS 422-1218 and click the “Submit” button.
  4. Verify your class and payment, then select REGISTER NOW and complete credit card information.
  5. You will receive a printable confirmation when the transaction is complete.

For questions about the registration process, call 610.607.6235.  To have your company invoiced, email and copy Brenda Gonzales (   Include authorization to bill listing the students, course and tuition.


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