High-Performance Flow; Your Engine for Value Creation

RACC’s Schmidt Training and Technology Center and Nimble Leader present:

High-Performance Flow

Improved Throughput, Asset Utilization, and On-Time Delivery Performance

Tuesday, December 11th2018 from 8:00am – Noon

At the Schmidt Training and Technology Center, RACC Campus – Room T118
15 South Front Street, Reading PA 19601 – Free Parking in Adjacent Garage

Cost: $295 / person (includes Continental Breakfast and course materials)

This High-Performance Flow Workshop focuses on today’s global market conditions requiring new business models that are more responsive to customer demands.  We will paint a clear picture of the challenges your organization is facing, why you must address them, and what solutions and methods are available to help you overcome them.  You will learn how to lead the effort to attract, retain, and grow customers at net operating profits (after tax) greater than the cost of invested capital.

This Workshop will;

  • Illuminate the root causes of current delivery and profit performance
  • Explain how to effectively manage material flow through a constrained fulfillment system
  • Prescribe immediate remedial actions to ease the pain
  • Instill Confidence to Take Action

Join Scott McMartin, VP at Celero Optima, and discover valuable insights to improving delivery and profit performance.  You will leave this workshop with proven insights for immediate implementation and impact.  Scott’s program is based upon the management concepts articulated in The Goal by Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt.

For more than 25 years, Scott has enabled his clients and employers to attain and sustain market leadership positions through the properly tailored blend of Theory of Constraints (TOC), Lean, and Six Sigma tools.

The Mandate for Change
Manufacturers today are constantly being squeezed between internal and external pressures. Customer tolerance times are shrinking, your supply chain grows increasingly more complex, and time-to-market is a key and clear competitive advantage for your market leader competitors.

Workshop Agenda:

  • ID Constraints to Business Growth
  • How to Align Execution with Target Market
  • Intro to HPF Concepts; hands-on simulation exercises
  • Implications of Embracing the HPF model
  • Applying HPF: How to Take Action… Today!

Workshop Insights:

  • Understanding of Root Causes of current performance
  • How to Improve Delivery; On-Time & Lead-Time
  • How to Increase Operating Profits & Throughput
  • How to Reduce;
    • Cycle-Time
    • Waste
    • Inventory
    • Overtime
    • Outsourcing
    • Premium Freight

Click Here for Workshop PDF

Registration Information – Call 610.607.6235 or 610.607.6231 to register with credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover)

Course:  ZBUS 431 1218  High-Performance Flow

Cost:  $295  / person (includes Continental Breakfast and course materials)

Click here to register on-line and pay with a credit card. Then follow instructions below.

  1. Select the “Register and Pay for Community Education Classes”
  2. Select the drop-down box next to “Topic Code” (towards the bottom of the page) and select Business and click “Submit”.
  3. Click the box next to ZBUS 431-1218 and click the “Submit” button.
  4. Verify your class and payment, then select REGISTER NOW and complete credit card information.
  5. You will receive a printable confirmation when the transaction is complete.

For questions about the registration process, call 610.607.6235.  To have your company invoiced, email knoll@racc.edu and copy Brenda Gonzales (BGonzales@racc.edu).   Include authorization to bill listing the students, course and tuition.

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