Dramatically Improve New Employee Productivity and Confidence

We continue to receive positive news from Berks County’s manufacturing companies that business volumes are strong and hiring skilled talent is a priority.  We are also hearing that the skilled talent demand is outpacing supply, and many companies are now hiring on attitude over experience.

The STTC welcomes your feedback on the value and use of a Nationally Credentialed program aimed at quickly re-mediating basic manufacturing knowledge and skills of newly hired entry-level operations employees that have the desire to work.

We believe we can help close your new employee skills gap with effective on-line training programs covering:

  • Safety
  • Quality Practices and Measurement
  • Manufacturing Processes and Production
  • Maintenance Awareness

Each comprehensive module will take approximately 35 hours to complete.  Employees can train on their own time, or release time, anywhere there is a PC and internet access. Successful program participants will receive a Certified Production Technician (CPT®) certification issued by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC).

For a more in-depth look at the skills taught in each section see the link below.

For a summary of how leading US manufactures are embracing and utilizing CPT training and certifications see the link below.

RACC can also offer a CPT+ Assessment utilizing a Skill Boss trainer.  CPT+ Certification increases employer and worker confidence by requiring evidence of over 55 “Hands-on” skills defined by MSSC.

Launching this Program will require an investment by RACC’s STTC.  We realize the dire need to prepare these new workers to be competent in operating your equipment and our role to remain committed to training the region’s workforce.  Your input regarding the usefulness of, demand for, and commitment to this initiative is necessary for us to move forward.  Please take the time to review the attached information and then answer the survey/feedback questionnaire by CLICKING HERE.

As soon as we receive input from a workable response group (testing economic viability for manufactures and RACC) we can begin constructing a tuition pricing model and timeline.  We will get this information back to you ASAP.

Contact Mike Salute at msalute@racc.edu or 610 372 4721 ext.5176 to learn more.

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