Boring Numbers? Make Them Sing and Dance!

If you speak ‘sales’, you may not speak ‘engineering’.  If you speak ‘operations’, you may not speak ‘new product development’.   The one language that cuts across all groups is the language of numbers, and in particular, financial numbers. 

In Boring Numbers . . . Make Them Sing and Dance, Drew Ortyn builds a common-sense financial understanding for all of your leaders.  The result will lead to actionable insights; better decision making – across your organization.

“Drew Ortyn was able to help our team clearly understand the critical linkages between strategic action and financial impact – a skill not universally manifested across executive leaders with varying functional backgrounds.”  
Sam Au, CFO Phoenix Aromas and Essential Oils LLC, Former Director of Fin’l Planning and Analysis, ArjoHuntleigh

“Oftentimes, functional leaders within a business do not understand “the numbers” very well.  They rely on the CFO or other finance heads for guidance. Drew Ortyn provides every decision-maker within the business a common process and a common language that links all leaders to the key fundamentals of business performance… THE NUMBERS!
Jim Laird, Former President & CEO, Biocoat Inc.

Thursday, June 20th, 2019 from 8:00 am – 9:30 am

At the Schmidt Training and Technology Center, RACC Campus – Room T118
15 South Front Street, Reading PA 19601 – Free Parking in Adjacent Garage

Click here to sign-up and reserve your seat.

Cost:  $25 / person (includes Continental Breakfast)

Boring Numbers? Make Them sing and Dance!

Key Takeaways

  • Start to demystify financials; begin wielding P&L’s like a ninja!
  • View the numbers – the financials – through the eyes of a savvy business leader
  • Explore and understand the meaning of profit variance – and why it matters!
  • Begin to unlock the power of trend analysis

Andrew (Drew) Ortyn is Founder and CEO of Nimble Leader, a management consultancy focused on sustainable business transformation. A featured speaker at CEO and senior management roundtables, Mr. Ortyn has authored numerous articles on market positioning and business profitability. In collaboration with Triumph Books, he published a six-volume e-book series and print volume titled Nimble Leader: Unrelenting Focus –Strategy | Leadership Behavior | Results.

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