Lean-Six Yellow Belt Workshops in September 2019

Drive the Lean Road to Increasing Profits

Experience Go-Lean-Six’s innovative program. Master Black Belts teach proven methods to continuously improve customer satisfaction by reducing the time and cost to safely produce high-quality products and services.

Four full-days of Expert Instruction plus Certification for $2,150

Introduction to Lean Principles – Thursday, September 5

Understand the Eight Wastes inherent to any process and be able to identify and eliminate them. You will learn the principles, strategies, and techniques required for a successful Lean deployment.

DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) – Thursday, September 12

Learn the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC data-driven quality strategy for improving processes. DMAIC problem solving is an integral part of every successful company’s Lean-Six Initiative.

6-S Workplace Organization – Thursday, September 19

Gain an understanding of the Lean 6-S workplace organization system used to reduce waste and optimize productivity through maintaining an orderly workplace and using visual cues to achieve more consistent operational results.

Root Cause & Corrective Action – Thursday, September 26

Learn the RCCA systematic approach to identifying a root cause and how to implement permanent corrective actions to prevent the problem from ever happening again.

Workshop attendees will gain impactful knowledge along with examples of successful Lean implementations. Your Lean Yellow Belt training will more than pay for itself as you quickly apply the principles learned.

RACC’s Lean-Six Workshops Receive High Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Cost: $2,150  / person (includes Certificate, Course Materials, Boxed Lunch and Refreshments)

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Contact Mike Salute at msalute@racc.edu or 610.372.4721 ext. 5176

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