Certified Production Technician – CPT & CPT+

Designed to prepare employees with the next-generation skills to work in a computer-driven, data-intensive advanced manufacturing environment.

Increase employer and worker confidence by requiring evidence of hands-on skills.

Online courses are available in English and Spanish.

Introducing CPT – Comprehensive E-Learning
> Interactive, virtual 3-D simulations

Introducing CPT+ – Assessment and Full Certification
> Over 55 “Hands-on” Skills and Assessments

Value Bundle – CPT & CPT+

Investment = $1,600

(includes registration, CPT E-learning,  Skill Boss Training, and 5 Assessments through CPT+ Certification)

Average time for course completion: 195 hours 
Students suggested completion time 10-12 weeks after registration.

Certified Production Technician (CPT)
Average time to complete each module: 35 hours

Key Competencies Taught and Assessed
> Perform safety and environmental inspections
> Perform emergency drills and participate in emergency  teams
> Identify unsafe conditions and take corrective action
> Provide safety orientation for all employees
> Train personnel to use equipment safely

Quality Practices & Measurement
Key Competencies Taught and Assessed
> Check calibration of gages and other data collection equipment
> Inspect product/process, suggest continuous improvements
> Document the results of quality tests
> Communicate quality problems
> Take corrective actions to restore or maintain quality

Manufacturing Processes & Production
Key Competencies Taught andAssessed
> Identify customer needs
> Determine resources available for the production process
> Set up equipment for the production process
> Set team production goals, make job assignments
> Coordinate work flow with team members and other workgroups
> Perform and monitor the process to make the product
> Document product and process compliance with customer requirements

Maintenance Awareness
Key Competencies Taught and Assessed
> Perform preventive maintenance and routine repair
> Monitor indicators to ensure correct operations
> Perform all housekeeping to maintain the production schedule
> Recognize potential maintenance issues with basic production systems,
when to inform maintenance personnel about problems with electrical, 
pneumatic, hydraulic, automation systems;  lubrication processes;
bearings and couplings; belts and chain drives

CPT+ – Hands-on Training and Assessment*

CPT+ Skill Boss is a hands-on skill training & assessment system.
CPT+ certification proves successful demonstration of hand-on skills in electronic, electrical, fluid power and mechanical systems.

*Requires Full CPT Certification prior to registration.
Average time for training and assessment: 46 hours

Skill Boss Evaluates over 60 Essential Manufacturing  Skills Including:

> Perform pre-startup inspection
> Demonstrate the lockout / tag out procedure
> Confirm safety interlocks on guard are functional
> Confirm zero energy state of all power sources
> Locate and interpret safety data sheet(s)

> Perform measurements using a tape measure, caliper, 
micrometer, & dial indicator
> Compare measurements to GDT specifications on a print
> Measure & verify shaft runout falls within specified tolerance

Production Processes
> Locate parts & fasteners for assembly operation using a blueprint
> Assemble parts using Allen wrenches, wrenches, & screwdrivers
> Use a torque wrench to properly tighten a fastener
> Navigate menus on an HMI
> Manually operate cylinders
> Perform an emergency shutdown
> Reset Alarm and restart the machine
> Measure cycle time

> Adjust pneumatic lubricator’s drip rate
> Adjust pressure regulator’s setting
> Adjust actuator speed using flow control valves
> Install a pillow block bearing and shaft
> Install a flexible coupling and shaft
> Align and tension a belt drive
> Lubricate a bearing using a grease gun
> Drain and air filter
> Connect a pneumatic circuit using a schematic
> Adjust various sensors.

For questions about the program content or registration process, contact Mike Salute (msalute@racc.edu) or 610 372 4721 ext 5176

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