Course Offerings: Spring 2023

View the Workforce Development and Professional Training Course offerings for Spring 2023.

The Schmidt Training and Technology Center at Reading Area Community College is
dedicated to providing a continuum of learning in advanced manufacturing skills, information technology (IT), market knowledge, executive senior leadership, business performance and workforce readiness that meets the demands of the local and regional labor market. Manufacturing, IT and business professionals provide training using a hands-on learning approach.

The staff of Schmidt Training and Technology Center understands employers’ technology challenges, operating systems and business performance objectives. We understand that business and industry growth is increasingly centered on new IT applications in addition to advanced technical innovation. We know that successful employers must find new ways to produce and deliver products and services to customers who will purchase these goods at prices that will provide profit. The offerings of the Schmidt Training and Technology Center provide customized senior leadership and employee training that adjusts to the unique and changing needs of business and industry employers.

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