Workforce Development News

Millenniology Workshop

Build your strategy to win the war for talent This workshop focuses on actions you can take to ATTRACT, ENGAGE and RETAIN Millennial talent. Build a talent blueprint for your culture to attract and retain your high-impact employees.  Create a… Read More ›

The Breakthrough Leader

What can you achieve with a fully engaged workforce? How to win engagement and high-performance on your front line. Engagement lives or dies on your front line.  Transform “supervisors” into breakthrough leaders with the power to engage, motivate and retain… Read More ›

The Tools for Profit

Axioms for Improving Business Performance The process of managing your business to higher profitability is often messy; the outcome uncertain. The challenge . . . exhilarating!  In The Tools for Profit™, Drew Ortyn will help you unleash the profit potential… Read More ›

What Do You Stand For?

Deceptively Simple Question for Senior Executives, Massive Implications for Your Business This simple, seemingly innocuous question has significant ramifications across every aspect of your business: every employee; every action; every dollar you spend to move your business forward. Get it right,… Read More ›